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The bipolar disorder blog is a mental health blog filled with bipolar disorder articles offering »

Natasha Tracy is an award-winning writer, speaker, consultant and an author of Lost Marbles: »

International Bipolar Foundation focus on mental health awareness, in addition to education, »

If you want to know more about bipolar disorder, other mental illnesses and/or mental health »

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, back in 1999. Since then, I've been ashamed and kept »

I’m living proof that a bipolar life does not have to mean craziness on one end and enervation »

This site will help you look at bipolar from various perspectives and see what it really means to »

For 35 years I was a public school teacher. I was diagnosed a bipolar I suffered a decade ago. My »

Welcome to the blog of Chris Cole, life coach at Cole Coaching, where life coaching is offered to »

Hi, I'm Janet Coburn a freelance writer/editor with bipolar disorder, type 2. For many years »

Nicole Moncada is an Aspiring writer, Proud Mother of the worlds greatest Son who is Type 1 »

Hi! Welcome to my blog! This is really meant more as an online journal and possibly some sort of »

This blog is dedicated to talking about bipolar disorder!. Use this space to talk about some »

At Our Bipolar, I tell stories about how my life has been shaped by bipolar, in hopes of reducing »

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