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News, views and information for the global physics community from Institute of Physics Publishing »

Sabine Hossenfelder, aka Bee Research Fellow at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies. I »

Physics Buzz includes articles about physics research, videos, posters, comic books, and more. We »

The American Physical Society provides daily online-only news and commentary about a selection of »

The MIT Physics Department is one of the best places in the world for research and education in »

Research in the Department seeks to explore and explain fundamental questions that range from » internet news portal provides the latest news on science including: Physics, »

Hi, I'm Jonathan Thomas-Palmer, Graduated from the University of Michigan in 1997 with a »

A blog about physics computer models made in easy java simulation authoring toolkit and open »

Celebrating the physics of all that flows. Find posts and updates on maps

My name is Douglas Natelson. I am a physics professor at Rice University. My group uses nanoscale »

This site is dedicated to accumulating and highlighting research in the exciting field of physics »

Lincoln School of Mathematics & Physics Blog. The School offers undergraduate and postgraduate »

Here, the idea is to portray physics as a journey, an adventure, a safari as we call it here in »

Theoretical response on the dark matter

The purpose of this blog is to show how changing ones perspective on the physical structure of »

David W. Hogg is a Professor of Physics and Data Science in the Center for Cosmology and Particle »

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