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POLICE Magazine is dedicated to providing law enforcement officers of all ranks with information »

Law enforcement abuse stories regarding: abuse of power, corruption, and other misfortunes in »

ODMP is a non-profit organization dedicated to honoring fallen law enforcement officers, »

William J. Bratton, currently the NYPD Commissioner and the former chief in Boston and Los »

This subreddit is a place where the law enforcement officers of Reddit can communicate with »

The musings, rants, and dissertations of 3 retired military guys and 1 chick. Two Air Force, two »

Lee Lofland provides in-depth details about crime, police procedures, & the tools used in »

News, analysis, and rants from the front lines of the drug war, by Pete Guither. The mission of »

I am neither a law enforcement officer nor a private investigator. It is crucial that you »

My name is John Sutherland. I joined the Met Police in September 1992 and have served a variety »

Hello everyone, My name is Joseph Giacalone and I am a retired Sergeant SDS from the NYC Police »

Police Work, Politics and World Affairs, Football and the ongoing search for great Scotch Whiskey

This blog is a resource for students and anyone else interested in keeping up with news and »